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A Heartful Approach to Capturing Your Love


      There is a special sort of magic in a wedding day that can be relived over and over again through intentional photography and videography. Tear streaked makeup, tight embraces, and joyous toasts; I'm here to capture it all. Your love story deserves to be documented authentically. The privlege of capturing such important memories is one I hold with great joy and reverence.

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     Welcome to my happy place: weddings! There is nothing in the world I am more passionate and excited about than a wedding day. When two souls come together in marriage, it creates an experience unlike anything else. Loved ones gather from every stage of your life to celebrate in a whirlwind of a day. From getting ready to last calls, there are special moments throughout each wedding day that allow me to feel an immense connection and love for my couples. Each pair has left a mark on my heart. I can't imagine doing anything else.

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